Where qualified dispensing speed is needed in circumstances with limited space, limited budget and high volume, this machine is extremely powerful. Its proven technology has had more than 900 installations in 15 years. Especially designed for limited assortment to 3000 labels and a daily volume of more than 2000 packages. It optimizes the balance between highly skilled and supporting activities and the workload variety during the day.

  • When there are no patients, the robot can be filled to the max by supporting staff.
  • At peak moments, the releasing speed can be up to 3000 packages an hour and supporting staff prepares deliveries.
  • Pharmacists can focus on prescription control and counseling.
  • Patient queues will disappear and if applicable ward service queues too.

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Omega and Optima

The optimized solution for high speed and broad assortment pharmacies with a moderate daily volume. Especially useful with assortments over 3000 labels and a daily package volume less than the assortment number.

  • When there are no patients, the robot can be filled to the max by supporting staff.
  • At peak moments, the releasing speed can be up to 500 packages an hour and supporting staff prepare deliveries.
  • Pharmacists focus on prescription control and counseling.

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Download the factsheet from Optima here (

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If you like 100% automation and a complete closed storage sstem, allow the Alpha support your processes to sort the boxes form the stores or wholesale and fill the robot fully automated.

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Video Integrated Large Scale Solutions

For Wholesale Hospital land Unit Dose Operations

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JVM Unit/Multi Dose

JVM is the market leader in Europe for medicine packaging solutions. The Automatic Tablet Dispensing and Packaging System (ATDPS) is fully-automatic and operational in many hospitals and large scale operations.

This innovative system improves efficiency, quality and reduces errors. It can dispense, pack and print sachets for single or (mixed) multiple doses with all the important dose administration information on it. These dispense and packaging machines are proven to be useful in community pharmacy’s, hospitals, blister packaging centers or in psychiatric institutions.

Packing: Packaging

Checking: Vizen

Folding: Wizer

Air Tube System

This proven technology system at the heart of the modern hospital, provides the means to optimize the organization’s internal logistics. It increases the productivity in all terms of internal transport of materials that fit the carrier to a weight of 8 kilo. There are several options like  point to point, single line or multiline systems including track & trace. The tubes flies at a speed of 4-7 m/s through the system.

In fact, the tube system relieves the pressure of work, so the clinicians have more time for the patient. A network of tubes allows destinations to be freely selected. In hospitals, the tube systems are used for:

  • Medicines from Pharmacy
  • Unit Dose Bags
  • Cytostatics
  • Bags of blood from the Blood Bank
  • Lab results
  • Documents for admissions
  • Small goods
  • Etc.

Hospital buildings are not identical to each other, therefore the layouts of tube systems are flexible and made according to your specific building or buildings. Distances are no obstacle and tube may run outdoors or underground.

The specifically designed software and hardware make priority sends, registration and full monitoring of the complete sending process possible.


• Configuration Advice: Based on local circumstances and characteristics like assortment, daily volume, peak moments and customer types and requirements, the choice for a pharmacy dispensing robot type and the detailed configuration and physical set up will be provided.

• Implementation Support Existing large scale Operations: In 3-6 months and during 6 – 12 two-day visits, our pharmacists and logistic experts support the hospital pharmacy team to prepare processes, ICT aspects, organizational aspects, documentation and the go live period. Focus is stability and continuity of the daily process and preparation and training of the staff.

• Implementation Support New Operations: Both the design and implementation can be done in 2-4 months during 3-8 visits.

• KPI / Scorecard Services: During the implementation we develop basic tools to support the hospital pharmacy staff to monitor and improve efficiency, based on their existing operational systems and additional information from the dispensing robot software

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