RMI FMD-Connect

The FMD law has been implemented per Feb 9, 2019. It improves the quality of Medicine Distribution. There can be large implications for all participants in the medical Supply Chain of Europe.

FMD-CONNECT RMI provides an effective software tool including data storage and advanced reporting functionality, to improve your efficiency together with the extra FMD Quality.

For more information, see nmvo website and download our BROCHURE.
Our Fixed Price FMD-Connect solution can be implented in one week!
Brochure & Price List (€2000-€2500 for pharma wholesale)


RMI provides the tool FMD-Connect for both Wholesale and Large Scale Pharmacies. It helps to process efficiently the daily volume of medicines, from 10 to 10.000 boxes a day. Our solution FMD-Connect is scalable per type of organisation and needed functionality.

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A. Wholesale 10-1000 boxes per day / FMD Connect Basic
B. Wholesale 1000+ boxes per day / FMD Connect Basic Plus
C. Pharmacy 1000-1500 boxes per day / FMD Connect + Basic Loader
D. Pharmacy (GDS, CF) 1500 – 10.000 boxes per day / FMD-Connect + Speed Loader

NB: All our solutions can be leased for 5-7 years


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