As Pharmacists we believe in Proven Pragmatic Solutions to optimize the ward & patient satisfaction, as well as the quality & efficiency of the Hospital Pharmacy.

Invented, adjusted and implemented by pharmacists.


RMI Pharma Logistics is fully focused on optimizing the medication distribution process in the Pharmacy. Our goal is to provide efficiency solutions by utilizing a process, involving our expert consultants as well as incorporating new, proven technology. We are pharmacists, for pharmacists. RMI provide custom solutions that will improve performance quality of the pharmacy, as well as the connected hospital departments, which in turn will increase healthcare quality for the patient. RMI is working together with technical partners and our own team of  experienced pharmacists (retail, hospital, operation and wholesale), ICT experts, and logistical experts.

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Hospital, Pharmacy Retail Chain and Central Filling Operations worldwide have all the same professional objectives. This having said, they have to deal with a broad range of different circumstances like focus & financing structure (army, university, private and public, specialization) scale, budget, ict infrastructure and local skills, labor and competition. This has a high impact on the available assortment range, packing, ward & patient expectations & waiting lines.

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